Daily Tips

Very Useful Daily Tips In Your Life

1) Lemon and other Vitamin C  or citrus fruits make your skin shiny and health,as well as give fair colour to your face

2)Taking abundance of water can help to prevent forming kidney stones in ur

kidney.Because there are two type of stone which makes in your kidney.one is dust stone and another is calcium,silicone or other salts stone.But these salts stone can only be removed by medical operation.Taking abundance of water can help u to prevent forming of these types of harmful stones.

3)Cancer is very dangrous disease and when the person suffers from this disease ,there is very low chance of treatment of cancer even if it is known on first stage.In this case,u should take 1250 ml of water when you awake in the morning.But u should not eat anything or dont do brush or even dont wash ur hands or mouth before taking 1250 ml of water.And after taking water u should not take anything before two hours.This is the final way of treatment of cancer.In this way ,ur biggest amount of money will be save and u will safe from any headache.

4. Most people thought that green tea can only use for fat burning and calories but green tea is a popular anti-aging  tea which  fight against cancer cell and  prevent cancer disease all over the life.So dont worry about cancer and use green tea that makes cancer cells to suicide.

5)Taking a lot of sugar and cold drinks and sweets is very  dangrous not only for ur health but also a maximum chance of diabaties in big age.If u want to control the sugar level of ur blood,then simply walk with fast steps upto  half hours every day or four days in a week.This will help to prevent diabaties  even u are taking lot of sugar in ur diet.

8)Vitamin A is anti cancer in nature,when u suffer from cancer in first stage,then take it a lot.

9. For chronic  cough  with mucus  treatment  take  haldi ,Ajwine , salt  in same quantity  and then burn both of three in   fade up ( matti ka bartan)  and eat it in very small quantity like 1 gram  four times a day..

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