Earn Money With Data Entry

Make Money with Captcha Data Entry

There are different ways of online earning,out of which captcha entry is also a genuine way of earning online.In this method you should have good typing speed,but the amount we can earn from captcha work is better than other type of online work.And ,if you work hard success is near to you.Like other ways ,this way of earning also contains so much scam work.so we need to investigate before we join any captcha entry site.We can also join different freelancer sites to do this work.I am working on some sites which are suitable for captcha entry and its all are legit sites.Also there is no fee to join these sites..You can use payza as payment  method  to get payment from them because payza is supported in pakistan as  well as in many  countries ,where paypal is not available..Western union is also supported by megatypers.

www.megatypers.com   (Invitation Code =  120A )


Now a  days  there is  some  doubt  in  the legitimacy of megatypers because many users have told  that  they steal  money  and  don't  pay your .But Megatypers is the king of  
captcha entry world.Because they pay very higher rates  compare to other  captcha entry site. But you need a lot of effort in starting because you can't  see exact words in begining and may be you do  many errors but after 2 or 3 days  you could easily type lot of captcha  per  day..But remember  that you should  do this work only if you thought to do your own job and you need at least 4 hours  per day for typing,so that you could  earn  $ 100  easily per month ... This site  ask for  invitation code after registration  which is necessary to enter  ..Invitation  code is  120A    ..You can also  choose  western Union  as a  payment  method.. I am also  working on this site , but  only make  $ 10    per month  very hardly..


www. Protypers.com :

                                               I  am not working  on protypers.com because i   see a  negative reviews  about  this  typing  site , may be they pay  some users and don't pay half  of  the  workers  so  they  may be  scam .So  if you  decide to  join  protypers.com  then  join  this  site on your  own risk. Maybe  they  start paying due  to negative reviews and  reputation of their site,because  workers are leaving day by day..But  i  don't want  to  take any risk  to  work on protypers.com


Kolotibablo is legit site  also another   capctcha  data entry site  but  they  pay lower rate  as compare  to   megatypers  or protypers.

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